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Anjali Banerjee


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Anjali joined the STS team in early 2015. She is passionate about implementing innovative, comprehensive and tailored solutions in the workplace. She works with the STS team to enhance team dynamics and develop leaders. Anjali works with the nuclear power team, providing project management and support. She is also involved with the STS metrics team, in the efforts to analyze the impact of STS services for our clients.

Prior to joining Strategic Talent Solutions, Anjali worked with I/O Solutions in designing and assessing selection and promotion systems for fire and police departments all over the United States. This position required intense levels of confidentiality and meticulous attention to detail. Anjali honed her interest in providing rich qualitative feedback during her time with I/O Solutions. She is also a contributing writer for IO @ Work, a website that presents cutting edge findings in the field of Industrial/organizational psychology.

Anjali earned a B.S. from Berry College in Georgia, and is currently a doctoral candidate at Roosevelt University. She is studying industrial/organizational psychology with a strong interest in enhancing leadership and team performance and identifying high performers.